Couleurs en Design Tableaux Décoration murale en bois peints | Couleurs en Design Wood decoration Painted wood
Two artists, two different sets of skills. Decorative paintings, painted wood, wood decorations
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Wood wall art, artworks made of painted wood.

The geometry and the colors are at the heart of our wooden artworks.

Our story began with a beautiful encounter. Two artists, two sets of skills and two cultures.

Our passion for painting, wood wall art and the thrill for colours, open spaces and shapes, gave birth to the creation of our decorative pieces.

What is more important: the colour or the form? Everyone has their own opinion.
We believe that both are inseparable, and as such, in our creations they are interconnected and harmonized throughout.

At first, an idea, a thought, an imagination becomes embodied in a drawing. The creative work on the concordance, the harmony of colors and shapes.