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Dear friends, hello.

Today we will evoke the mystic Violet .

Intense and unconventional, violet seems to impose itself as a must
in the fashion and decoration of this year.

It is a mixture of blue and red, it is uncertain, changeable, rich in its
different nuances: purple, lilac, plum, parma.

Purple is not always appreciated at its true value. Yet it is a color that
represents subtleness, mystery, romance, gentleness and peace.

It has soothing virtues on minds; it helps to calm certain emotions,
to restrain anger or anguish, to regain serenity.

In Feng Shui, purple is related to intellect and spirituality.

In decoration, the purple can appear at the same time refined and relaxed.
Depending on its shades, it brings different atmospheres to your interior:
dark violet is a bold and elegant choice,
the purple and the parma will create a sensual and intimate atmosphere,
the violet light adds a touch of softness.

And what violet do you prefer?