OUR STORY - Couleurs en Design Décoration mural en bois
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The story of « Colours in design » began with a beautiful encounter.

Two artists, two different sets of skills and two cultures.

Our passion for painting, art and the thrill for colours, open spaces and shapes, gave birth to the creation of decorative paintings.

« People often talk about the material, in what forms, in what movement colour should be placed. But this colour is an innate thing. It does not depend on the manner or on the form in which you place it. » Marc Chagall.

What is more important: the colour or the form? Each individual has their own opinion.
We believe that both are inseparable, and as such, in our creations they are interconnected and harmonized throughout.

Irina Duquesne and Philippe Dufay

Creation and realization of our art work: drawing, wood cutting, adjusting, color searching.


At first, an idea, a thought, an imagination becomes embodied in a drawing. The creative work on the concordance, the harmony of colours and shapes.

Once the design is set, the next stage involves the creation of the wooden panels in the workshop.

Since antiquity, the painters have used this quality raw material as a traditional support for their works.

The wood is hand-crafted according to our drawings, and then each piece is painted with the predefined colour.

Finally, we join and fix all the elements together to finish our creation. Each painting is unique, named and signed.

We create custom made paintings respecting the spaces, colors and the atmosphere of the place (hall, hotel, house, restaurant, office, shop).