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Dear friends, hello.

Women’s Day is approaching and we want to talk
of a feminine color.
It is a “half-color”, obtained by mixing red and white,
it owes its name to the flower of the rose bush.

The color Pink appears late in the middle of the 18th century.
Driven by the romanticism of this era, the pink has acquired
its symbolism of tenderness and gentleness.

The pink remains the female color par excellence,
representing innocence, freshness and delicacy.

In decoration, the pink is reassuring, alive while being warm.
It provides comfort and refinement. Indeed, according to his tone,
the pink can suggest several moods: pastel pink, old rose,
raspberry pink, fuchsia pink or quartz pink.

Forget all the clichés on the pink and succumb to the fresh charm
and poetic of this color of spring, in short see the life “in pink”.