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Dear friends, hello.

Today we want to talk about the Red.

Fascinating and perplexing, the red animates passionate and contradictory feelings:
love and hate, passion and anger, courage and danger, life and death.

The first color mastered by man, it stayed for a long time the color
“Par excellence” in many civilizations.
Admired by Greeks and by Romans, red is in ancient times symbol
power, wealth and majesty. In ancient Russian, the words “red” and “beautiful”
are synonymous: the Red Square of Moscow was originally to be called “the Belle Place”.
It is the color of the sun in Japan and the color of Christmas in the United States.

This warm color does not leave indifferent and remains indispensable.

In decoration, the well dosed red describes a felted, warm and cozy atmosphere.
Feng Shui recommends red in the living room or office, this encourages
to discussion, activity and conviviality.

So let’s add the warmth of the red to cross the winter …

Source: Michel Pastoureau “Rouge, Histoire d’une couleur”